Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January summary

Ack! How did it already get to be the last day of January!? That month flew by!

This is my best news of the month: I'm doing very well hitting my consistency goals (in which I'm working towards a modest, attainable minimum level of training for 42/44 weeks in each discipline):
  • SWIM: Weekly swim goal (1500m+) met: 3/4 wks
  • BIKE: Weekly bike goal (20M+) met: 4/4 wks
  • RUN: Weekly run goal (10M+) met: 4/4 wks
  • NUTRITION: Weekly food log goal (5d+) met: 4/4 wks
I was also trying on for size a standard monthly target:
  • SWIM: 15,000 m per month tentative goal; did 9,500 m in January (63%) (4700 m in December, more than double)
  • BIKE: 200 miles per month tentative goal; did 167.8 miles/270 km in January (83%) including 3 rides over 25 miles (44.4 miles in December, nearly four times as much)
  • RUN: 100 miles per month tentative goal; did 67.7 miles/109 km in January (67%) including 2 runs over 10 miles (64 miles in December, 5% more)
  • CORE: 1500 crunches per month tentative goal; did 2000 in January (133%) (2350 in December, down 15%)
Conclusions for January:
  • I'm doing okay at ramping up my swim and bike distances, but I haven't yet gotten up to the volume that I'd like in those disciplines. It will come. I'll keep those targets the same for the short month of February. I've got the bike trainer and pool situation sorted out for weekdays and weekends, so I should be able to get cycling and swimming done wherever I am.
  • I think 60 - 80 miles per month running is probably a good level to maintain my running base. I'm going to decrease the running monthly target to 80 miles per month. I need to focus more time and effort on my limiters - nutrition/body composition, core strength, swimming, and biking (probably in that order).
  • The Goofy Challenge was fun, and while it did interrupt my training in swimming and cycling slightly this month, it was well worth the experience completing the inaugural event.
  • Nutrition is the fourth discipline. Keep your attention on it.


Cliff said...


Just curious, what's your nutrition goal??

nancytoby said...

It's logging my total food intake on at least 5 of 7 days per week. Every bite. When I do that I usually eat a reasonably healthy diet - when I get into unconscious snacking I don't.

Chris said...

Those are some great jumps from the previous month. And consistency is totally the key! I'm glad that you had such a great month!