Monday, January 02, 2006

Standard Monthly Target?

To ensure training consistency, I'm thinking about setting a standard aspirational monthly target for myself in addition to my standard weekly target. The monthly target will factor in a lot more distance, to add in some very Long Slow Distance swims, bikes, and runs at some time during the month, but I can be flexible about exactly when.

This is what I'm thinking right now, but I want to try it out for a couple of months before I set it in concrete. Consider this my January Draft Version to try on for size:

Swimming: 1500 m per week, 15,000 m per month
Cycling: 20 miles per week, 200 miles per month
Running: 10 miles per week, 100 miles per month
Crunches/core work: 1500 per month

For comparison, in 2005, I did in an average month:
Swimming: 4375 m/month
Cycling: 72 miles/month
Running: 60 miles/month
Crunches: 585/month

I'll see how that goes, since January and February are the months that I'm most likely to miss workouts due to inclement weather. Of course, February will also be the hardest to hit, since it's the shortest month. Yes, it's a huge increase in training volume for me to hit those targets, but that's exactly what I have to do to become an Ironman! Aim high!


Mica said...

I like this idea a lot. I might try it...

White Salamander said...

Amazing to see your progress since last year. Remember when you used to say you were going drown? I am impressed.