Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Goofy Race Report: Summary

The overall plan: The priority was getting the Goofy medal. I planned to take it all at an easy pace, have fun, and be absolutely certain to finish by the 16 minute per mile deadline each day, preferably uninjured and feeling good. Treat it as a 42.4-mile ultramarathon with one very, very long rest stop between the half marathon and the marathon. My strategy on course was to drink lots of water and Powerade, take electrolyte capsules about every 3 miles and energy gel every 4 miles, and stay well within my comfort zone.

The overall result: I did it! 42.4 miles to earn 4 beautiful medals in 2 days. Total time: 10:35:07 for an average pace of 14:58 minutes per mile for 42.4 miles. Plus I had tons of fun!


Chris said...

And you beat your overall pace goal for all of those miles by over a minute! Nice job!

Time to read the detailed report above. *drool*

Ellie said...


Holly said...

I knew you could do it! But you knew that all along too, did you Nancy! I agree with Ellie!