Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Packing for Disneyworld

(That's my nametag graphic above)
Latest Goofy weekend forecast for Orlando:
Friday: High 58°F, Low 37°F
Saturday: High 56°F, Low 35°F
Sunday: High 65°F, Low 46°F

I'm starting to lay out my clothes for the COLD run at Disney.
Here's what I'm taking for the run (TWO copies of nearly everything!)

2 pr running tights (also running shorts for Day 2 if the forecast remains at 65)
2 Coolmax sleeveless tops (for a bottom layer to strip to if I become hot)
2 medium-weight technical long-sleeved shirts (that may get tied around my waist if I get too hot)
1 throwaway long-sleeved cotton tshirt (probably for an extra layer for Day1 and/or to put in gear check to wear after the half marathon and before the 5K)
1 technical cycling vest (that I always use for running - lots of pockets, zipper opens at the bottom so I can open the whole front if I get too hot)
1 earband (pulls down around my neck when I'm too hot)
2 pairs throwaway cotton gloves
2 pairs Coolmax socks
2 jogbras
2 pairs broken-in running shoes
2 industrial-sized garbage bags (heavyweight, worked great at NYCM for discreet peeing even out in the open)
2 full gel flasks
Waistpack with SPF 15 lip balm, eye drops, Tylenol, etc., already stowed
Sunblock (yes, Holly!)

I *did* get my teensy new digital camera back from repair, so that and my cell phone are re-charging as I type!
And yes, I'm packing the Goofy hat, although I doubt I'll bring it to the races.
I still have to print out my nametags and pace charts and laminate them with clear packing tape.
I don't think I'm going to bother bringing my laptop along, too much to carry - so I won't be able to post photos until late Monday night (January 9th). If you want, you can sign up online to get my official results before I do!

I get pretty hot once I'm running - the cold helps my performance quite a bit. If it's full sun on Sunday and 65, that will be pretty hot for me - I'll be stripping down to just the sleeveless Coolmax, probably. Unfortunately this is the weather where 10 degrees can make a huge difference in what I wear! A little hotter or a little colder and I can dress more appropriately from the start! I'll have to check the forecasts again carefully on TV the night before.


'Zilla said...

Woo HOo, Laday, I'd say you are READY! Good Luck and Have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so excited for you!! And I'd forgotten there was a 5k too, craziness!!!

TriFeist said...

My bet is that Sunday will warm up a bit. Florida's winter weather usually follows a 3 day cycle:

Day 1: cold (as the rain/front passes)
Day 2: freaking cold for Floridians
Day 3: usually warmer in the afternoon than forecast

mipper said...

you are going to do awesome! can't wait to hear all about it. and c'mon, you gotta wear the hat. at least for the 5k. ;)

Mica said...

Keep in mind that 65 in Florida is different than 65 elsewhere - at least it feels that way to me (born and raised there). 65 is colder there, I think its the humidity??

Iron Benny said...

Good luck Nancy!

Lynne said...

Go Nancy Go! I am in AWE!! Fast, Slow, just the idea of you taking this on is inspiring!

I am looking forward to all the news when you get back!

Bridget said...

Have a great time! I ran Disney three years ago and had blast. My Dad and I stayed together and took lots of great pictures along the way. He is going back for Goofy this year and I am so jealous. It does get cold while you are waiting but it is still a really fun run! Looking forward to your race report.

Keryn said...

Sounds awesome! I am so excited for my little update emails to come!

Bolder said...

Can't wait for the race report!

Good running Nancy!!

Lisa said...

Best of luck!! You'll do great, I'm sure! :) Have fun!!

Granny said...

Have a great time.

Lora said...

Best of luck! Can't wait to hear your summary!