Friday, January 13, 2006

Back at it!

After taking THREE whole days completely off this week (woo, that was great!) I'm back at it! I'm hoping that I can roll right back into training now without experiencing that typical post-event slump that occurs so often with big races. Amazingly enough, I don't seem to have any lingering aches or pains from the 42 miles at Disney World, which takes me completely by surprise. I suppose doing them at a very comfortable pace using run:walk intervals is responsible, along with the 30+ minutes cooling down in the swimming pool for recovery each day. Maybe that mai tai on Friday and the Maui Rita on Saturday helped me sleep better too - which actually was important performance-wise, since every extra minute of sleep was golden!

Yeah, I feel great! Nobody is more surprised at that than me! Believe me, if I felt rotten, which would be completely understandable considering the far-too-little training I did for last weekend's event, I'd be complaining about it here at great length, but no - everything is goooood!

The weather here helped prompt me to get back out there working out - we were very fortunate to get a completely unseasonable 60*F sunny day here today. Hooray! I took Buttercup out for 31 miles and we had a Most Excellent Ride! I also took the teensy camera along and took some photos on the way. I can't post them until I'm back at my usual computer on Sunday, so I'll share my typical bike ride route with you all then.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Bridget said...

I cannot imagine doing Goofy and not hurting later, nice job! Way to continue your training as well.

mipper said...

there is some iron flwoing in your blood somewhere if you are not sore! wtg Nancy!

Tory said...

I think there is some Disney magic at play here. I am not sore strange is that? I only did the marathon, of course, but normally I would be pretty sore!

Holly said...

I'm not all that shocked that you felt so good after these distances. I felt pretty good after the MCM marathon and had a relatively pain-free recovery.

I think people vastly underestimate the run/walk strategy in terms of physical recovery.

Again CONGRATS on such an awesome accomplishment!