Monday, January 09, 2006

Disney World half marathon photos

Frozen self-portrait before the race, wrapped in my New York City Marathon mylar blanket:

The start (while running)! Mile 0.

Entering the Magic Kingdom, where it's still Christmastime (Mile 5.5):

Main Street U.S.A., filled with cheering spectators and runners:

In front of Cinderella's castle (Mile 5.6):

Stitch, blur, and Lilo (Mile 5.7):

A manic moment - or perhaps a "separated at birth" shot?

A short loop inside Epcot (Mile 12.5):

Exiting Epcot with my fellow runners (Mile 12.9):

The finish line!!!! 13.1 miles.

Self-portrait with the Donald medal:


TriFeist said...

They are even more fun when they are full sized. Can't wait for the Full photos.

*jeanne* said...

No WONDER I never found you again at the Half Corrals! I wasn't looking for the space blanket! D'uh!

Elle said...

Excellent job!!!! Well done...and it looked like a blast!