Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Goofy Race Report: 5K and Recovery Day 1

5K plan: Keep walking, eat, and stay warm until the start of the 5K. Walk it or do short jogging intervals during the race.

5K report: My preparation plan for the 5K failed miserably. I did rehydrate and ate a bit of post-race food immediately after my finish, but then I exited the finishing corrals where no more food or drink was available except for purchase (and I hadn’t carried money). Despite wrapping myself in a mylar blanket and sitting in the sun, two hours standing around in ~30-40*F wind chill in wet clothes in a huge crowd, plus an unexplained 20-minute starting delay, ensured that I was thoroughly hypothermic at the beginning of the race. My muscles were locking up. I was not happy about the delay, but finally we got going (very stiffly, on my part).

The 5K combined one of the ugliest first halves ever (backstage parking lots and delivery areas) with one of the prettiest second halves imaginable (around the world at Epcot), plus one of the most crowded race courses filled with people possessing not a shred of running etiquette. I jogged when I could avoid the logjams, tried to be nice to the kids when it got crowded, took some photos, and walked a great deal, just trying to stay loose.

5K result: Unofficial time 42:43. It was an untimed, unscored race. The rubber Chicken Little medal is unique and a very cute addition to my collection.

Recovery plan: Ice feet, alternate hot and cold water on legs, rehydrate and refuel.

I went back to the hotel room via the monorail and promptly iced my feet for 3 five-minute periods, which was all I could stand. Then I went to the outdoor pool, which, unlike the air, was nicely warm. I stood in the pool for about 45 minutes, until I started feeling chilled, and then swam for ten minutes. Unfortunately there was no hot tub. Shortly after I returned to the room, Linae and Molly arrived and we went to dinner, so I didn’t complete my plan of alternating hot and cold treatments on my leg muscles. Before dinner we watched a fun little hula show and I drank a potent Maui Rita and then ate a huge slab of luscious prime rib in order to “refuel”.

The night before the marathon I was filled with trepidation. Could I do it? Could I actually finish this entire 42.4-mile journey? I was already tired and a little sore from the 16.2 miles I had done that day. Although it would be my 9th marathon, I’d never done a marathon yet where I’d run a step the previous day. In fact, all my 8 previous marathons had been preceded by a full 3-week taper. But, on the other hand, I was just tired. Nothing was terribly sore or hurting badly, other than a couple small blisters in the usual place on my little toe. I forced my mind to cut off the worried thinking by telling myself I’d just get myself to the starting line, and let the rest of the day take care of itself. Then I was asleep before my roommate Jeanne even turned out the light.


mipper said...

wow, sounds like the 5k was rough, but you pulled through and did it faster than i usually do a 5k and that is with 13.1 miles under your blet already that day, no fuel in your system and extremely chilled. sounds like some serious "iron" was forged this day.

*jeanne* said...

Ugh, Nancy! I'm glad I opted for the MASSAGE, instead of the 5K! :-O