Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gordo's perspective

"Ironman is a volume game. Anyone that tells you otherwise is most often trying to sell you something. In an over-scheduled society there will always be a profitable niche available for those teaching how to perform with less. You can become decent (better than you ever thought possible) but you will never fully tap your potential. Not the most popular message to some but a fact of life at the top level."
Link courtesy of stv


Miss Rachel said...

Nancy, thanks for stopping by my site with your kind words about the situation with my dad.

I really like your site and find you quite inspirational. And your daughters are too cute. Is Catherine going to put out a core workout video? ;-)

Kewl Nitrox said...

Too true. Was just thinking that one of the reasons why I like Triathlons (and I repeat that I am NOT a ironman) is that at the end of all the fancy aero bikes, spinning classes, TI videos, HRMs, etc... there is a certain amount of "brutality". You just gotta stick to it despite the pain, (in my case) the lack of technique, and TOUGH IT OUT. Too Cool!

White Salamander said...

Nice quote! So very true, surely you just have to put in the time in order to build up that fitness base to even make such a thing possible.

BTW, there is nothing wrong with the Athena body type. Athena's rule!

Cliff said...

Thanks for the this post Nancy.

So true. There is only one road to the top. HARD WORK.

Chris said...

I <3 Gordo. Brutal, sincere honesty. I love it.

Phil said...

You know, I think “Gordo’s” message can be applied to almost anything. There may be some short-cuts in life, but ultimately, you get out what you put in.