Wednesday, November 30, 2005

November summary

Here's what I did this month toward my goals I set down on October 31st:

* Swim goal: 4000 meters. Did only 1500 meters, only in the pool once this month. 37.5% = F.

* Bike goal: 50 miles. Did 44.8 miles. 89.6% = B+.

* Run and walk goal: 40 miles (including 26.2 miles in the marathon). Did 53.4 miles. 133.5% = A+.

* Crunches goal: 1000. Did 670, without much consistency. 67% = D.

* Weight loss: 4.0 pounds. Did not lose any. 0% = F.

* Events goal 1, November 6: Complete the New York City Marathon upright and smiling. No specific time goal. Did it in 6:33, and I really was smiling toward the end, amazingly. 90% = A.

* Events goal 2, November 6: Hope that my husband gets me signed up for Ironman Florida in November 2006. He did it! I'm on my way! Can't take credit for this one.

* Events goal 3, November 11-20: Take a nine-day vacation trip with my two girls in a motorhome. We did it, and had great fun! 100% = A+.

* Events goal 4, November 21: Launch a 50-week training program for Ironman Florida. Yes! Got rolling a day early, in fact, and trained on 8 days since then. 95% = A+.

* Other events without advance goals: After my time off, I ran a 5K PR of 30:26, and a 10K PR of 1:04:31. Yay! I conclude the rest break helped my running more than it hurt! 100% = A+.

Overall score: 79%. C+! That's fine, I'll take it for a month that was mostly a break from heavy-duty training. On to December! I'll look at my training plans and tally up some objective goals from there.

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Steven said...

I love the fact that you grade yourself and hold yourself accountable. And publicly, yet!
Very cool.