Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pumping iron

I got up early and headed to the club today, with great intentions, but all I found was an empty concrete shell. No swimming this week! My club is always emailing me spammy advertisements - you'd think they might be able to provide me with some useful information in those emails occasionally, LIKE THE FREAKING POOL IS EMPTY, but no....

So I hit the freeweights, using fairly light weights for everything, for a whole-body workout:

20 min. Lifecycle (10 min. warmup, 10 min. warmdown)
150 crunches & leg lifts
3*12 deadlifts
2*12 squats
3*12 bench press
2*12 leg extensions
2*12 leg curls
2*12 lat pulldowns
2*12 flys

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