Saturday, November 12, 2005

On the road: Day 2

Up early (whoever put that 6:45 alarm on my cell phone is a moron). Elisabeth spent the night head-banging (a frequent pastime for her). Catherine woke up every so often to talk to herself in the night about "our car". Now she won't wake up, and shakes her head violently when I ask her if she wants milk, and goes back to sleep.

Ellie, we're in the Antietam/Hagerstown KOA - which is actually in Williamsport, Maryland. It's a pleasant little place on a nice little stream with canoe rentals. I may come here again on the return trip. They say Williamsport was once considered for the capital of the USA (mainly because it was founded by a buddy of George Washington's), but I think that it probably received very brief consideration! The Marine Corps Marathon would have been a lot hillier if it had been chosen.

Time to hit the road - will end up in Ohio tonight, most likely. More whenever I can get a signal!


Ellie said...

I think we were in Williamsport, too. Or right near the town line, or something. It was out in the country. But it was a Yogi Bear, like I said.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Ah, when you said "Grandma's", I thought you meant Grandma's Marathon. And then I couldn't figure out why you were going to Michigan. I get it now! The REAL Grandma's. :)

Hope you enjoy your stay here, Nancy.