Tuesday, November 08, 2005

NYCM numbers

Ken has already run some numbers on the 2005 NYC Marathon. Interesting stuff! Even though I'm not included in anything but the total number of finishers, since he only used the top 2000 of each gender. Shucks, I didn't even make the New York Times listing of finishers published in the paper the next day, since they stopped at 6:00. If I had known that I might have limped faster.


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Y'know what they ought to do in the finishers' lists? Start with the last ones. They truly deserve the most credit. Everyone already knows who won. No one knows the ones who hold the victory for literally outlasting the earlier finishers. They could publish a separate list of the under-4-hours folks. The real heroes are the 5- to 8-hour marathoners.