Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On my way

This week is for easing the old body back into the swing of daily training. No super-long distances or durations, just doing a little bit every day. I think I'm going to run a local 5K on Thanksgiving Day and a 10K the day after, but I probably will just jog/walk them for the mileage and not try to run for a time.

I got out and ran in the cold rain today! 41*F and drizzly. I VERY rarely do that. But did I happen to mention that I'm training for an Ironman? Otherwise I almost certainly would have slept in and put it off for a nicer, drier day.

The new gear worked wonderfully well! The headband was perfect, didn't know it was there except my ears were warm. (Although I did want a brim with the rain in my face. I will usually wear it over a visor). The technical shirt was a little on the toasty side for 41*F, but it should carry me into the coldest days of winter with perhaps one more layer. The jacket was great! I took the sleeves off halfway through and just ran with the vest because I was getting too warm - and it was quite easy and quick to get them off, they just stuffed right into the zipper pocket on the back and I was on my way again. I'm very happy with my purchases! Proper gear is sometimes half the battle!


Oldman said...

im not sure but i think you might have been over dressed. doers it really get that cold there? i was told youwear shorts until it gets below freezing?

nancytoby said...

It can get pretty nippy in the winter, although it rarely stays in the teens for very long, fortunately! I'm just glad I no longer live farther north!

Dianne W. said...

Warm & dry. Happy happy!