Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back from camping

I've got a flaky wifi signal this morning, so I'll be brief!

We just returned from taking Grandma camping for the night down in Indiana. Hopefully (despite the wild twins the whole time) it was a nice break for her to get out of the house for a while!

It was an unexpectedly lovely place: Potato Creek State Park in northwest Indiana, just outside South Bend, on six square miles. It has extensive attractive camping areas. They had closed down the larger area for the weekdays, so we stayed in the horse campground, next to a playground. It would have been a great place if we had a few horses - huge sites with hitching rails between each one! They also had very modern-looking 2-bedroom cabins for rent - I might check those out on a return visit! Also swimming and biking trails - looks like an excellent place for a workout, too!

We had rain overnight, plus some problems with the camper battery running low, so we got an early start back in the morning through drizzle and fog. It looks like we'll have storms and high winds again tonight (they said 10 to 15 foot waves in Lake Michigan!) so I won't think about hitting the road until this weather system has all passed.

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