Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Wylie asked what a wifi signal was. Wifi rules!! It's a wireless internet connection which is like a radio signal that projects over short distances (a few hundred yards). You can access it with a special card on a laptop, or similarly set up accessories to broadcast and receive a signal on your home computers. That way at home you can use wifi to connect up more than one computer to one incoming signal (like from a hardwired cable connection).

On the road you can sometimes access wifi signals at places that broadcast them (usually as a sort of marketing gimmic or add-on service) like coffeeshops, truckstops, hotels, campgrounds, marinas, etc. and pick up a free Internet connection (or pay a nominal fee in some places). Right now I'm picking up a signal from some nearby neighbor's house.

The problem is that the signals don't transmit very far, so they only work within a few hundred feet of whatever is broadcasting them, and can be kind of flaky. But when you're traveling, wifi is the best way to go!


William said...

Check out the description of Wi-Fi here

Steven said...

Set yourself up with Intel Centrino technology and your WiFi will be better than ever.
(a shameless plug, sorry.)

nancytoby said...

Thanks, William, that's a better description than mine, certainly! And Steven, thanks for the tip, I'll check it out for my NEXT road trip!!!

Wylee said...

YAY! Thanks guys!

William said...

You are a war driver now Nancy!