Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas tree

I was shocked to see that Sandra has her Christmas tree all up already. On November 28th. I'm behind and it's not even December yet.

I just ordered our "pre-lit" tree from It still won't look like the one in the photo, I'm pretty certain. Not unless we get a new fireplace surround and new flooring installed along with it. It probably will be enclosed by a baby corral, too. Maybe we'll just go au natural and forget the ornaments and garlands, seeing as we don't own any. Less stuff for the girls to rip down and break that way. At least we don't have any cats any more to sharpen their claws on it and climb it and knock the whole thing over.

Oh, and in the spirit of the holidays, don't forget to keep current with Santa's blog.

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Iron Benny said...

Nytro is putting up our pre-lit tree right now. Ya, I'm not helping. I'm kind of a scrooge that way I guess. I hit a spin on the trainer instead. I think it's a pretty good excuse. I'd rather ride my pony than decorate a tree.