Thursday, November 03, 2005

Congratulations to losers

Fat politics aside, I'd like to offer my congratulations to the Biggest Losers from TRI-DRS:

Linae, who lost a total of 35.3% (body fat reduction and body weight loss), winning a total of $450.22; and
Brad*, who lost a total of 25.6% (body fat reduction and body weight loss), winning a total of $226.10*.

Well done! Full results for the 12 weeks are tabulated here.

I did okay, with a total of 9.3%, which is just fine for slow and steady body composition change. Let's just keep headed in the same direction. While I don't believe that a modest amount of body fat is the dire health threat that it's made out to be, it sure slows a triathlete down doing all the work of lugging it all around.

*Late Edition: Brad directed me to send his $226.10 winnings to the Challenged Athletes Foundation in support of their efforts in making athletics accessible to everyone. We were all particularly inspired by CAF-supported Sarah Reinertson competing at Ironman Hawaii this year. Thank you to Brad and the members of TRI-DRS who participated in the challenge and made this generous contribution possible.


Mica said...

Hey look, I had a podium finish! Probably my only one ever! :)

Steven said...

Good call on the slow & steady approach to changing your body composition. Anything else is likely to be temporary and that is not the end result you want.
Keep at it!

nancytoby said...

What a great attitude!! :-)
Well done, wherever you finished!!

Comm's said...

funny enough I have been thinking about emailing you about your contest since tuesday. what perfect timing. Good job to you all.