Tuesday, November 08, 2005

In the tri-blogs

Mica is organizing a virtual carnival of the triathlete blogs! How fun!

Bolder from Boulder is back! Hooray! And he's coming to Ironman Florida! We've compiled a list of our online buddies that have entered IMFL06 here.

Tri-geek Kahuna is looking for another Tri-Diva. Why is it that I suspect that facial and figure attributes are primary considerations in the selection process? My vote (as if I had a vote!) is for someone like the indomitable Tara Norton or the amazing Sarah Reinertson. They have each faced down personal challenges that make our own difficulties pale in comparison, and have risen to triumph. They inspire me!

And me, I'm trying to summon the energy to write a race report about the New York City Marathon. It still makes me tired just thinking about it. I'm glad I have a vacation coming up!

In other marathon news, there's a new one planned for next March in Washington, DC - the "National Marathon". The second half goes through some fairly nasty neighborhoods that I don't like to drive a car in, much less run in. You have to submit a qualifying time to enter. My race time for the 2005 Cherry Blossom Ten Miler would qualify me to enter - if I were fifty years old already, that is, which I won't be for another 19 months. Several DC marathons have already failed - my guess is that this one will never, ever get the 5000 runners it will need to fill. But if it succeeds - great! Maybe I can run it in 2008 after I turn 50!

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Shelley said...

here here..I vote for TARA