Friday, November 04, 2005

The rocking horse winner

Grandpa sent the girls an F.A.O. Schwarz rocking horse and it arrived today!

Catherine was not quite ready to commit herself to climbing on this strange beast, but she pronounced it a "nice pony" and "good" and made the sign for grandfather, so I think she gets it!! She also said the plastic bridle was "glasses". So I guess it's a nearsighted pony.

Elisabeth - well, Elisabeth wasn't having such a good morning. She sat down and cried. But I'm sure she'll like it later.

We just have to think up a name for it now.

Then, naturally, both girls proceeded to play at great length with the BOX it came in.


Flatman said...

Name it "Taper"!

plods said...

The box was always the best thing for me and my little sister as kids! :-D

bunnygirl said...

Boxes are awesome, espeically if there's bubble wrap too!

I just love that horse. I know your girls will grow to love it, too.

Shelley said...

I love the pony!!! I always wanted a pony when I was a little girl..aweeee they are sooo lucky!!

jeanne said...

That's adorable!

*jeanne* said...

Taper! Yes, great idea! Name the thoroughbred Taper!