Friday, November 04, 2005

Aches and pains

What is it about marathon tapering that brings out all the old aches and pains in a body? I hate that!

Today, bringing in the big box from the porch, I pulled something in my lower back. Like near my hip, or my sacroiliac, or somewhere like that.

Then I'm getting these weird pains in my ankle and neck.

Let's hope that the first mile or two takes care of it on Sunday.


Vertical Man said...

Welcome to my world!!

Mica said...

Oh no!! Pain, pain go away! Did you try putting on some icy hot or tiger balm?

Flo said...

Oh no!! Let's hope that pain goes away quickly. Good luck in the race Nancy, we'll all be cheering you on!!

Comm's said...

by race morning all your physical aches will pall in comparision to the anxiety of the race. Have no fear nancy this is number 9 for you. Your an old pro. well your a pro.

Madame La Blog said...

Commodore, I couldn't have put it better, myself. Plus, I think that NYC weather will make the Maryland marathon look cool in comparison - I think this is all a subliminal message that Nancy is florida bound. I just signed on to say Good Luck Nancy! We are going to take it slow and enjoy it. If you see me and Leol, be sure and say hi! HEIDI