Thursday, June 01, 2006

Halfway to Ironman Florida

Right now we're just about halfway between January 1, 2006 and the final taper week before Ironman Florida - when all the deposits need to have cleared in the Bank of Ironman.

It's a good time for a spot-check.

How am I doing?

Consistency: So far so good on maintaining minimal levels of training across the board in each discipline most weeks.
Swim 1500 or more meters: 19/21 weeks
Bike 20 or more miles: 20/21 weeks
Run 10 or more miles: 21/21 weeks
Nutrition - log intake 5 or more days: 21/21 weeks (resulting in body weight decrease of about 15 pounds since January)

Training volume: So far it's been low to moderate while building my base, but the volume has been increasing steadily January (7 to 8 hours per week) to May (11 to 13 hours per week):
Swim: 72,027 meters total or 3361 meters per week average
Bike: 1021 miles total or 48 miles per week average
Run: 323 miles total or 15 miles per week average
Crunches/core work: 14,500 total or 677 per week average

I seem to be experiencing a bit of a lull in my training drive in the three weeks between Columbia and Eagleman. I'm going to stay steady until Eagleman is over, and after I've bounced back from that, do a massive paper-and-pencil review of my training plan for mid-June through November 4th. Meaning, if what I've done so far has been insufficient, hopefully the final five months left of training will set everything to rights.

Onward we go!


Comm's said...

So sorry to have been jammed up and not able to visit. Had to go 17 posts back to read your last race recap to catch up. I think your doing a great job and I we are going to do just fine at Florida.

Shelley said...

You will be an awesome IM finisher....wish I could be there this weekend to do the Eagleman Tri...have fun eh??

Mojo said...

Looks like you are working hard. 15 pounds lost? Wow! That is great. I love looking at all your swim, run and bike totals. What a sense of accomplishment.