Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sabotaging an Ironman

I enjoyed this article:

How to Sabotage an Ironman
by Coach Wendy

Let's see, have we seen any fellow tri-bloggers make some of the mistakes listed, on shorter races or in their approach to an Ironman?

I'm just askin'. . . .

"Ironman is about you getting through 3.8km of swimming, riding 180km and running a marathon. It is about you and no one else. The ability to hold that mental focus for the entire day is a huge skill and often one of the most neglected. Focus on the smartest way to swim the next 10 strokes, the most efficient piece of road to ride on for the next 200 meters and the best posture for the next 20 steps on the run. You won't have time to focus on anyone else and if you find your mind wandering - bring it back and zone it on YOU. It's your butt out there, so let other competitors do what they like, your race isn't over until you cross that finish line and the sooner you can get there the better."


jeanne said...

now that is some motivatin' talk!

Mojo said...

Interesting thought. I don't have that problem. I feel lots of pressure because I know the race up to me. I just race as hard as I can for the day.
This weekend, I'll just think about swimming fast,away from sharks.

Sara said...

my training has gone downhill. with my toe surgery, getting into a shoe is not possible. i tried on my work boots and now i need to purchase new boots because they are too small. i think my toe grew. luckily my new running shoes still fit.

Ann Ewbank said...

I think this article is the scholarly companion to Moronman that you linked to a few months back. He certainly took Coach Wendy's words to the extreme!

nancytoby said...

Heh, oh yeah! I had forgotten about Moronman!! Him too! :-)