Friday, June 09, 2006

Dead bike computer

Bad dress rehearsal --> great performance, right??

The flakiness of my bike computer recently was mortal illness. It just gave up the ghost (wire broken). Bah! So it looks like I will be doing Eagleman with only the cadence sensor working, which is okay because I know the course and can make a pace chart to keep myself on track, and on the flat course I can estimate my speed fairly closely, so I'm okay there.

Recommendations for a new bike computer?
  • Under ~US$120, with cadence.
  • Preferably that I can order online and install myself, given enough time.
  • Preferably pretty bombproof and not given to fits of pique.
My other problem this morning was the rear derailleur. It was shifting sloppily, so I tried to adjust the cable and only ended up loosening it and making it worse. Fortunately a trip to the local bike shop and a mere $5 quickly set it to rights! Now THAT is an essential piece of equipment, so if I had my choice, I'm glad that one could be fixed promptly!


the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I have the Cateye Astrale 8, it has cadence, speed, odo, all that stuff and I'm pretty sure it was under $50.

It's a wired computer, my husband installed it without a lot of trouble, I think it took him about half an hour.

Good luck!

soozey said...

wanted to comment on your hiring of a babysitter for training: AWESOME!! I do the same sometimes, it makes a huge difference. And you are doing your girls a good service by giving them the resppnsibility to adjust to a new situation. I think that's great. Excited to read your report of your race! Good luck.

Flatman said...

Check your e-mail... :)

Cliff said...

Ditto on the Astrale 8. I use it and love it. Rear speed sensor so I can use it on my trainer as well.

tri-mama said...

Good Luck Nancinator! Can't wait to hear the race report!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Can't help with the bike computer but heh, have a great race!!! Best of luck & *hugs*

Geek Girl said...

We each have the TREK incite 11. Gives speed, cadence, elapsed time, elapsed distance, average speed, and odometer. We paid less than $100 for it. No problems yet.

Kylie said...

I also have the Astrale 8. I think it was in the $25-40 range, and wasn't bad to install. Also if you get it at a bike shop many offer to install it free.