Sunday, June 18, 2006

Time to start my training!

On the road to Ironman Florida - so far this year we have completed 24 weeks of training. I've completed Macro 3 in my training and I met most of my Tier 1 goals.

My consistency has been good, which has been the biggest key to my improvements this year. My standard weekly targets have been a very helpful tool in ensuring that I keep a balance between disciplines and do a minimum amount nearly every single week.

Here are the numbers for the past 24 weeks for me:

Swim, weeks 1-13: average 3451 m/week
Swim, weeks 14-24: average 3167 m/week (Tier 1 goal)
Swim minimum 1500m per week: 22 of 24 weeks

Bike, weeks 1-13: average 43.9 miles
Bike, weeks 14-24: average 54.5 miles (Tier 1 goal)
Bike minimum 20 miles per week: 23 of 24 weeks

Run, weeks 1-13: average 14.9 miles
Run, weeks 14-24, average 15.9 miles (Tier 2 goal)
Run minimum 10 miles per week: 24 of 24 weeks

Crunches/core work, weeks 1-13: average 623/week
Crunches/core work, weeks 14-24: average 613/week (Tier 1 goal)

Training time, weeks 1-13: average 9.4 hours/week
Training time, weeks 14-24, average 10.1 hours/week

Food logs completed at least 5 days per week, 22 of 24 weeks
Body weight down about 14 pounds in 24 weeks

Events: Finished 1 Olympic-distance triathlon under 3:59:59 (Tier 2 goal)
Events: Finished 1 half Ironman triathlon under 7:45 (Tier 3 goal)

There are 20 weeks remaining before the big day, which I will break down into two macro cycles:
1) From now until Steelhead 70.3 Triathlon on August 5th: 7 weeks
2) Final build from Steelhead (starting with 1 week vacation) then training through Chesapeakeman Aqua Velo on up to Ironman Florida: 13 weeks

This is when the real Ironman training commences for me. Right now. Today.

This next 6 weeks until I taper a little while we're on vacation immediately before Steelhead is going to be when I need to start making some major deposits in the Bank of Ironman. I need to bring up my swimming and running volume somewhat, and keep steady attention on my nutrition (less weight = free speed!) but most importantly I need to drastically increase my cycling mileage in the next month and a half.

Bring it on!


Mojo said...

Getting the long bike rides in are always hard for me too. I hear it's all about the bike though. 112 miles is a long haul.

You have made so much progress and have already put in so much work. All those laps, all those miles. 14 pounds, wow! Maybe this new babysitter will give you the time to get on your bike saddle more!

Geek Girl said...

Wow, you go girl! I don't think I've gotten all the way through a planned week exactly yet.

Mojo said...

Oh yeah, is Buttercup out of the hospital yet?

nancytoby said...

*sob* No, I'll pick her up Tuesday or Wednesday. So I'm planning around not having a bike....

TriSaraTops said...

WOW! 14 pounds lost is AWESOME! You are working hard and reaching your goals, and I'm pumped to see what's next! :)

soozey said...

Great! This is why I keep coming back to your blog: statistics, results, details, inspiration, and nekkid pixx of twins! :) (I can say that cuz I have twins too)

Bolder said...

bring it!