Saturday, June 24, 2006

Thanks, everyone!

I posted this last night, but it seems to have disappeared by this morning! Perhaps the Blogger gods are censoring anti-Blogger posts?

Thanks for the birthday greetings, everyone!! I really appreciate you all stopping by, and especially you lurkers for coming out of the closet and wishing me a happy day.

This was Blogger's fine birthday present to me:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to resolve it.

I couldn't leave comments on my own damn blog!!! Did I ever happen to mention that Blogger sucks?

Anyway, I had a lovely day. Went out for a 2 1/2-hour bike ride (so I rode 49 kilometers and then some), took a nice long afternoon nap, and (thanks to our Most Excellent childminder) had a wonderful dinner out with my husband at the local French bistro!

Tomorrow we're going flying. Yes, all of us. It should be exciting - if Blogger permits, I'll post photos. (It sounds like I'm entreating favors from a vengeful, capricious god, doesn't it?) Maybe I'll run 49 * 100 meters or swim 49 laps tomorrow, if there's time. Or both.


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Great job on the ride.

jeanne said...

that's because you actually ARE entreating favors from a vengeful, capricious god....

Chris said...

Doh! I was going to tell you happy birthday when you announced that your birthday was going to be "tomorrow", but tomorrow finally came and I forgot!

In any case, happy belated birthday! :)