Sunday, June 11, 2006

Eagleman 2006 photos

By popular request, a few photos from today.

Setting up the swim exit/run exit. Note in upper right the flag flapping hard in the 20 mph winds.

Ducks evidently disgruntled that their park has been taken over. Note whitecaps on water in background.
Natascha Badmann's assistant (?) setting up her bike "Cheetah" for the race after she had warmed up on the trainer. I need one of those assistant guys!

Natascha Badmann flying through T1 with her Red Bull aero-helmet already in place, on her way to winning the women's pro division by 10 minutes.

Age group triathletes preparing for the swim - the course stretches out along the orange buoys nearly to the bridge in the distance. The water here only is calm because it's the lee shore - it got much rougher further out in the open water.

This is one of the photos from of some triathletes swimming, but it doesn't quite do the rough water conditions justice. I had waves coming over my head.

Everyone's objective - the finish line.


Bolder said...

race report!

*bangs table*

race REPORT!

*bangs table harder*


*bangs table hardest*

better give your fans what they want, they seem to be getting unruly

Habeela said...

Yay pictures! I agree with Bold that we want a race report but I will not throw a temper tantrum about it. ;)

Mojo said...

Wonder how much her bike costs....
Was she smiling a lot yesterday too?

Thanks for the pictures of the ducks too, poor ducks. :)

Can't wait to hear your report!

nancytoby said...

Simmer down!!!! I'll get to it, I'll get to it!!! :-)

Let me tend to my horrid chafe marks first!!

Thanks for stopping by, though!!

Flatman said...

kick ass (not the chafing of course...)!

Cliff said...

great pics...

jeanne said...

is badman her real name?? that's scary.

we need details. some of us need them faster than others.

Vickie said...

Nancy, great job. What a huge PR! You're halfway there!