Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Finally no rain today!

I got the bad news over with first thing in the morning today. I overslept, despite two alarms being set, and missed the arrival of the babysitter (I called her back as soon as I woke up sufficiently) and I missed the morning lap swim at the town pool.

But the good news is that I did get in a bike ride in, had no accidents nor breakdowns, and there were even a few glimpses of blue skies out there!

This osprey was diligently tending her nest and mewing plaintively at me. Even though they look like fearsome birds and are incredible aviators, they have the most pathetic wimpy cry.

I had a new discovery today on the road with the bike computer.

If you mount the holder upside-down, the computer part fits in just fine but it will never, ever work that way. After I installed the new one I thought that I had another broken wire somewhere, and was I ever MAD!

But I was just going in reverse. So for most of my ride I read the numbers upside-down. That worked better than a right-side-up display of all zeroes. I'll get the bike swapped around backwards to fit the computer before my next ride.


Bolder said...

you crack me up. swap the bike around for the next ride. *snort*

i'm tired of the constant sun, blue skies, and 85F days here -- really i am.

it was 75F at 6am for my track workout this morning under those blue skies and constant sun. the women were all stripping their tops off and running in the sports bras -- i'm sick of it i tell yah!

Mojo said...

Glad you finally got some blue skies! I saw pictures of the awful flooding in your area. I'm surprised the baby ospreys didn't drown.

Reading the Cats Eye upside-down would make me googly eyed. I bet you were thrilled to be finally riding again though!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I wish it would stop raining here.

Habeela said...

The bike computer is so funny!