Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another 6AM ride!

It's difficult getting up and out the door on time, but the results of those early morning rides make it all worthwhile! My training buddy David and I got in 58.3 miles before 10AM this morning, at a fairly comfortable pace. We explored some of the nearby backroads around Tunis Mills and he acted as a tour guide, pointing out sights related mostly to his wife's family who seems to have links all over this area for several generations.

We finished up with a trip down to the landing of the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry. This river was the original site for Eagleman, before it moved a little ways south to Cambridge.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect!


Keryn said...

You live in such a gorgeous place...

Bolder said...


i keep telling myself i'm a mountain man now.

the foothills, the rockies. spectacular.

stop posting these damn pictures!!

ok, i'm a water person.

there i said it.

i hate you.

no, i don't.


Mojo said...

It must nice to live with such beautiful surroundings. Nice boats too.

I'm glad you had a great ride.