Friday, June 30, 2006


I'm shocked - no, really! I am! Shocked at the turn of events with the Tour de France, and the biggest doping scandal in the history of sports. I feel like wearing a black armband on tomorrow morning's ride, right before I tune in at 11:30 to watch the Prologue. I'll probably make most of my comments about the Tour on my other blog, so stop over there if you're interested.

Despite the bad forecasts earlier in the week, we've seen a lot of sun toward the end of the week and we've been enjoying our workouts and bunny-hunting.

We've pared down those quarter-mile laps to nearly 12 minutes. Getting speedy!


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!!!

Downhillnut said...

Glad you're still going to keep up with the Lanterne Rouge - I learned so much by reading it last year. I know next to NOTHING about the TDF otherwise, though this year I did spring to have OLN added to my channels so I can at least watch some of it. Well, that and the World Cup.

Love the track pictures of the girls you've taken now and before. I hope you will continue photographing them like this as they get older, to show their progression.

Kate Ryan said...

YOU ARE AWESOME!! OMG!! I am turning 40 in October, and I am trying to get into shape for the 3-day walk for breast cancer. YOU GO GIRL!! You're my hero!!!

BTW--my daughter is almost 12, wears two hearing aids, and can talk circles around all of us! I KNOW the frustrations of the medical community, believe me! Hang in there--you seem to be a TOTALLY awesome mom--you can handle whatever comes your way! :)