Thursday, June 08, 2006

Busy day

Blogger has been crazy today and I've tried to make several comments on various blogs which got messed up, so please forgive me if I sounded incoherent!

I had two wonderful free hours this morning while the nice young lady played with my girls. It was great! (I also gave her my blog address so I can't say anything bad about her! JUST KIDDING!) I was able to go out and do the weekend grocery shopping with NO little grabby helpers in the cart, and then had another lovely free hour to go over to the local track to run. It was wonderfully helpful to have that time to get things done, and I'm going to really appreciate it this summer! My girls seemed to really enjoy her company, too, and stood by the door saying "Bye bye!" as she left. She'll be back next Wednesday when I plan to start in swimming again after I (hopefully) bounce back from Eagleman.

Which is . . . drum roll . . . three days away! I'm getting superstitious here, because I'm afraid that I'll jinx this weather forecast if I actually post about it, but here it is:
  • -- High 78*F, Low 57*F, partly cloudy
  • -- High 79*F, Low 61*F, mostly sunny
  • Weatherbug -- Partly cloudy. Highs in the mid 70s.
That's just TOO perfect. I'm doubting my eyes.

Today was my last short run before the race - 3.5 miles on the track at a very comfortable slow pace, 5K in 36:41.

Tomorrow I'll go do 1000-1200 meters or so in the pool just to give all my muscles a bit of a stretch and warmup. My bike is already cleaned and lubed, and I'll just do a short shakedown bike ride to make sure that everything is working properly. Also I will pack most of my race day gear with checklist in hand - emphasis wetsuit, helmet, bike shoes, and running shoes. And also try to get a lot of sleep!

On Saturday I go to packet pickup and I'll do a short open water swim just to check out the water conditions and also get my bike inspected and racked. It's kind of nice not to have to do the last-minute bike racking on race morning. Then on Sunday it's show time! Ahh, that familiar smell of magic markers before dawn!


Granny said...

Stupid blogger.

Good luck. I don't always comment but I keep up with you faithfully and admire what you've achieved.

I'll go check out your friend and say hi.


the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Yay! Go Nancy!

Lynne said...

I am getting that anxious feeling just reading your entry! You are SO prepared - the weather looks great and I know you will ROCK this!!

Shelley said...

Have fun..enjoy the day...looks like it will be a nice day. Can't wait to hear all about the race!!

Holly said...

GO NANCY GO! Let the beautiful weather pull you to the finish line! I am so excited for you!

Mojo said...

You will do terrific!

Must be exciting to have some alone shopping time and it's great the girls like the new sitter. :)

I tried to post a mantra to your blog last night but it failed. On the bike leg, when I see a hill.. I say, "I can climb like the goaties, climb like the goaties!"

And yes, Don is always loving, caring and kind. I think he's a fuckin' saint at times. I'm thankful I have some god-like soul in my sinner of a life.