Monday, June 26, 2006

Full of air

Here is my newest purchase that just arrived today. "Cycling’s first hybrid pump with backup mini hand pump feature. Comes with one 16g threaded Genuine Innovations CO2 cartridge. Intelligent Head technology fits both Presta and Schrader valves without threads or adapters. This pump can supply a maximum of 90 PSI (6.2 Bars)."

It's not much larger and probably only a few grams heavier than the one which I already had, which only used cartridges (apparently of a different type than I possess). It will be a little more reassuring to me to have that backup hand pump along on my long road trips this summer.

Especially after that cartridge-emptying debacle at Eagleman, plus the unpleasantness of being broken down on the roadside once already this month.

Thanks for the subtle hint from Bolder. He's here to help.


Flatman said...

Oh man...I want one!!! How much???

nancytoby said...

$28 - the link to the manufacturer is in the title. The cartridges from there are expensive, but at least I know they'll work. I hope.

Bolder said...

another subtle hint:


a word to the wise, is generally sufficient...

Iron Pol said...

The Second Wind will take threaded OR unthreaded cartridges. You can get unthreaded cartridges at Wal-Mart (gasp!) in boxes of $25 for like $8.

That's one of the nice things about this pump, it will take either cartridge type.

Or course, I haven't had to use mine since I learned to put air in the tires BEFORE leaving the house.

Dianne W. said...

And you ARE going to PRACTICE with this BEFORE race day. AREN'T YOU!!!