Monday, June 26, 2006

Build me an ark!

Make it stop! Make it stop!

Nearly 6 inches of rain yesterday, another inch so far today, and rain off and on in the forecast for the whole coming week!

It was raining hard enough this morning they didn't open the outdoor pool, and there was too much local flooding for cycling, so I had to go run in it.

Slog slog slog *splash* *splash* for 11 miles until my wet feet were starting to get blisters inside my wet shoes. That was enough!


Fe-lady said...

By the looks of things the news is showing, you could have gotten in your swim periodically during the run! Please send some OUR way!!! We are burning up out here!
(Hang in there!)

Ellie said...

I was wondering if you're washed up, "down east." You're awesome to get in your run, 11 miles, yet!

Interesting to have the gal in the burning-up desert replying to the one in the flood... I've been following the heat, wind, dust storms, and fires in AZ on the news/weather channels. It's mostly damp and cool here, some rain but not overwhelming...

Comm's said...

11 miles. IM impressed

Habeela said...

Yay for going out in the rain anyway!