Saturday, July 01, 2006

Another Saturday, another 6AM ride

This morning was another early ride with my training buddy David around the Bay Hundred peninsula and to some of the places he grew up. I should perhaps write lots of hyperbole about what an epic journey it was and dramatize it for all my readers. Instead I'll admit that while we had a beautiful day and lots of nice scenery, my back is still getting pretty tired by about mile 40 and I start slowing down.

We completed 61 miles in about 4 hours, including lots of little bumpy back roads. If I had thought about it I would have done just another 1.1 miles to make it a metric century, but it didn't occur to me. 61 miles deposited in the Bank of Ironman is still a fair workout for me.

It is humbling to realize that's about exactly half as fast as most of the time triallists riding today in the Prologue of the 2006 Tour de France.


Iron Benny said...

Since when did 61 miles seem like not enough? Wierd hah? In reality, you rode long and far. But I know you already know that because you "deposited 61 miles into the bank of Ironman". It's just funny how our perspective changes when it comes to distance. A good sign you are VERY fit. Nice job today Nancy. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bike set up!
My son and I just happened to be talking last night about the time I rode 55 miles after a 8 mile mountain bike group ride.
The folks I rode with would do the trails at Jacobsburg,and afterwards some guys would go out on their road bikes.
I'd recently bought an old, shift on the down tube beauty from a co-worker and was itchy to take "Julie" out on a long ride.
She was too big for me but I didn't know better then.
No one mentioned how far we were going...but they knew I was a beginner.
The guys were encouraging and kept the pace one I could manage.
I felt really great the 1st 20 miles or so.
Long story short, we rode over Little Gap, through the backwaters of the area and then on to the Delaware Water Gap were we stopped for 10 minutes to get a drink.
On the return the last big hill was a huge battle for me to climb and I refused to get off and walk it.
When I got home after my first epic ride I was so tied that I had to walk up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment in stages! LOL
That night, when I shut my eyes to sleep, there was that last big hill in front of me like a movie at a drve in.
A waking nightmare!
Everytime I shut my eyes there it was, looming, going on and on and on.
And I was still awake!
Too funny, my resting HR that night was 80 bpm.
I was one fried woman.
So I am big time impressed with your 61 miles!!
You are very fit!!!!

Mojo said...

Nice ride, Nancy! I thought I was tough after my 56 miles for the Half Ironman. Look at you though, 61 miles is just another 6am ride for you. Great training and I'm gald you found a training friend for those 'epic' rides. :)

Go baby, go, go!

jeanne said...

heh hey, epic journey. that was FUNNY. :)

but 61 miles?! Nice!!