Monday, July 03, 2006

June totals

Swim: Completed 14,497 m or 3383 m/week (Tier 1 goal)
Bike: Completed 245 miles or 57 miles/week (Tier 1 goal)
Run: Completed 88 miles or 21 miles/week (Tier 3 goal)
Crunches: Completed 1650 or 385/week (Tier 1 goal)

Finished a half Ironman in 7:30

Also lost a little training time due to a bike breakdown and some unusually heavy rains.

I'd like to maintain the running, bring up the swim distances to over 4000m per week, and crank up the bike mileage considerably to over 400 miles in July. Gradually I'll nudge those totals closer to realistic Ironman training levels over the next three months.

But, I must admit, the time crunch is getting difficult. It's hard to get in all the training each week that I want to do. I'll have to settle for getting in the training that I'm able to do, emphasize consistency, prioritize the bike, and hope that will be enough.

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21st Century Mom said...

Those are some impressive stats! I hope you are feeling super fit!