Thursday, July 27, 2006

Steelhead forecast

Lookin' good!

Would you believe:

High 77*F
Low 62*F
Scattered thunderstorms

Sunrise: 6:43 am

That's going to feel like autumn has started to me! Yay, I'll take it! Especially since if there are thunderstorms, they probably won't start until late in the afternoon. But as long as I'm out of the water, they don't worry me too much! I've been riding and running in the rain, I won't melt!

Update: It's still looking good, maybe even better! Saturday is now forecast to be 78*F and sunny, in a 4-day stretch of 76*F to 78*F weather. I could do without full sun, but that's preferable to riding in rain as long as it's not too hot out.


triathlonmom said...

Have a great race Nancy. Drive safetly and enjoy the trip, we'll all be thinking about you!

runr53 said...

I live in metro Detroit area and it won't be 77 again until the end of October, sorry to burst your bubble but the weatherliar that said that must have been paid off! Drive safe and prepare for the heat! Run Good!

nancytoby said...

Uh oh! Not even right next to Lake Michigan?? forecast for Benton Harbor.

It's true they're calling for 80*F in Detroit that day....

runr53 said...

Hehe! I'd not be the least bit surprised, but there are some good breezes coming in off the Lake, sometimes. Just ran 3 tonight to catch the walkers and walked back with them, when it wasn't dumping on us it was humid!!! and 90 degrees! at 7:00 PM!

Iron Benny said...

Good luck piloting that beast motorhome. Best of luck in the race. You'll be racing along side my Coach too, not that you care.

Mojo said...

Those are some awesome looking temperatures. See you are getting more excited about this race. You're already playing weather-woman! :)

I know you'll do great!

The Clyde said...

If that's true it'll seem like we are racing in Decemeber compared to these last few weeks..

Hope it holds true for the temps, that's optimal race conditions for me.

Holly said...

Have fun! I can't wait to read all about your latest "free speed" .. you are getting downright skinny .... You may not be able to race Athena next year in Eagleman or Columbia ... That will give *me* a chance at some hardware!

:) Have a good Vacation!