Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Steelhead ambivalence

I've got a half Ironman triathlon coming up in ten days! I'm feeling ambivalent about it, though -- not terribly excited, but not dreading it, either. It's just like it's going to be a long training day.

Except I get to (hopefully) meet Shelley and Habeela and some of the other fun triathletes that will be there! That will be great!

I haven't done any specific preparation for this race, and I'm not really looking forward to having to pack up all my race gear a full week early (since we're leaving on vacation in our rental RV this Saturday. Um, in three days). My final week training will be erratic at best while we're traveling, probably.

I have no idea what I'll do race day, either. A lot depends upon how hilly the course is. I'd like my times to be as fast as Eagleman (without any flats), but without seeing the course first in advance it's hard for me to guess. People have raved about what a good event it is, though.

I'll just take race day as it comes -- one stroke, one pedal revolution, one stride at a time. After all, that's all we can do, right?


Flatman said...

Get to packin', woman!

Ellie said...

You'll do great. I hadn't seen the course before my race in either of my 1/2-IM's. You just take what comes and run with it!

Sherri said...

you will have a great race! will you be posting from the road? looking forward to the report. have so much fun..and safe travels.

TriFeist said...

See, but the ambivalence sets you up for greatness! No pressure, no expectations, your eyes are looking ahead to IMFL.

Have a safe drive.

Mojo said...

I like you attitude, "just another long training day." :)

Maybe you are getting tired from training so much. The vacation may recharge you. I'm sure once you get to the race site, you'll be more excited.

Habeela said...

Trust me. Compared to that looonnng winding hill you blogged about climbing a few months ago, Steelhead will seem flat. The biggest hill on the course will take you 2-3 minutes AT THE MOST to climb.