Thursday, July 06, 2006

Good news!

I got my answer!! And the answer is GOOD! WOO HOO!

"Hi... can use a wetsuit...good luck"

That makes me feel a lot better about my upcoming repeat attempt at ocean swimming practice in 2 1/2 weeks, after my personal DNF debacle last weekend!

BTW, I'm not posting my training chart to elicit compliments, but just to remind myself how far I've come! But I still have a very long way to go. This is the neighborhood where I need to be going consistently in the next couple of months with my training volumes:

Weekly PEAK training load two months prior to Ironman event:

  • Total weekly hours: 13.7
  • Weekly swim time: 3.3 hours
  • Weekly swim distance: 4590 m
  • Weekly bike time: 7.1 hours
  • Weekly bike distance: 143 miles
  • Weekly run time: 3.9 hours
  • Weekly run distance: 27 miles

Actually, for a slower triathlete such as myself, those distances will take several more hours per week to achieve. But whatever. It takes what it takes, right?


Bolder said...

whawt? you dohn want my stinkin' compliments.

you, you take my stinkin' compliments!

mmmmmm, volume. good volume.

TriFeist said...

Who cares if you post your before-and-after volume? Are we not allowed self reflection on our blogs? We don't blog just for comments, do we? People who say you're fishing for compliments need to MOVE ON with their lives.

Well done, by the way. :)

Still jealous of your swim times.

Bolder's new superhero pic is HOT!

Cliff said...

Just money in the bank..keep it up.

Mojo said...

That's some impressive training. You ran a marathon this week in less than 4 hours!

I'm glad you get to wear a wetsuit in your ocean race. At least you won't be cold.