Monday, July 24, 2006

The aquathlon that wasn't

The water in Delaware Bay (adjacent to Cape Henlopen where it meets the Atlantic Ocean) was so unbelieveably calm on the morning of the aquathlon!! It would have been perfect! I hated missing that opportunity, because I'm confident that I could have swum well in such smooth waters! (Unlike my last ocean swim debacle). But the skies were NOT calm, with rain and occasional flashes of lightning. The RD had to postpone the event until mid-August.

The surfboards were all ready for the swim leg lifeguards, but alas, they remained unused.

About a half hour after we left, the skies really opened up. It wouldn't have been a pleasant run leg in this downpour!

Instead Ellie and I went to the YMCA, did our own mini-aquathlon, and were home in time to go to the Yacht Club for a pleasant lunch with my girls, Ellie, and my husband. The girls even behaved pretty well at the restaurant!


Bolder said...

now, that's my idea of clubbing!

Mojo said...

That water did look smooth to race in. I hope it stays that calm on race day too!

Sounds like you and Ellie are having lots of fun while getting through some hard training. That makes a good friend!