Monday, July 03, 2006

Back on the track

Track running is hard. Track running in 91*F heat index is even harder. So that was my poison of choice after yesterday's non-event biathlon. Just to punish myself, you know.

Mile repeats, starting off at an easy effort level and cranking up the effort while going slower each mile:
  • 11:11
  • 11:20
  • 11:36
  • 11:41
Even after drinking a 24-ounce water bottle and taking my electrolytes on the track, I was still down over 3 pounds of sweat when I got back. Now THAT'S sweaty.

Oh, yeah, about that non-event - thank you for the support and encouragement, folks! I do really appreciate it. I hate like hell to DNF. It does get under my skin. (Although sleeping 11 hours last night improved my attitude!) I especially hate like hell to DNF when it involves four hours of driving! But perhaps it will help me stay more serious about getting the necessary swim training done consistently. Plus it will help to have Ellie with me at the nearly identical event in three weeks. I also wrote the race director to see if I can do it in a wetsuit, even if I'm not scored. It's supposed to be USAT-approved, which means wetsuits are legal for age-groupers up to 78*F water temperature (84*F if you want to be ineligible for awards), but I don't see any wetsuits in the photos from last year.

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tri-mama said...

Nice track work- I envy your being able to swim in the ocean before Florida-don't worry, they'll be plenty of feet to follow there :) There are just some days when it's not worth the effort-you have no problem pushing when it really counts

btw: vinegar and shoes/bike seats works like a charm:)