Saturday, July 22, 2006

Short report

The aquathlon was postponed from today until August 18th due to a storm. :-(

BUT! Ellie and I did a great Delaware Bay swim yesterday afternoon and it went fabulously well!

We took our aquathlon over to the YMCA instead today after the postponement and although I was slow on the treadmill 5K (had a calf cramp; meanwhile Ellie's treadmill belt was practically smoking when she got off, she was so fast!), I had a WONDERFUL half mile swim in the pool!

Thanks for all your great technique tips! How's this for rapid progress:
So THAT is what keeping your pull straight instead of crossing over and pulling diagonally will do!! Hey, I'm starting to catch on a little!! Now I just have to develop the endurance to do that nearly five times in a row in open water!

I'll post some photos later....

In other exciting news, Catherine has peed using the correct facilities four or five times now! We are all thrilled beyond words! There is light at the end of the potty-training tunnel!! We probably won't post photos of that, though.


Mojo said...

Holy goat balls! That is a huge improvement in a matter of days. I must find someone to critique my stroke. That's over 2 minutes, way to go!

Catherine is using the potty? You are just full of good news. Using the potty means more time to train since you don't have to clean up puddles of pee! :)

Ellie said...

Isn't that an amazing improvement? Wish I could have some kind of revelation that would do that for me... Hey, there, all Nancy's visitors, hop on over to my blog, look at my videos, and turn me into a fish :-) (You have to scroll down to get to the body of my blog... the videos pushed it all down past my sidebar, gotta try to fix that after I get home, don't wanna hog Nancy's computer here)

TriBoomer said...

Maaaaaan, I love it when I read about people improving. Great job!

Stay tuned...

Iron Pol said...

I'll take some of that improvement. But I'll take open water improvement, first.

And Toddler Pol is still trying to find the tunnel. He thinks "the potty" is a ladder.