Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not much time? Ride fast!

I didn't have much time this morning before it was time to pack up for our departure. So I did a quick 30-minute time trial on my bike Buttercup, just to make sure everything was working correctly before I packed her up.

I rode to the other side of town, reset the bike computer, and took off for 15 minutes. Go a little longer, since I was heading into the slight wind, turn around, then head back and see how far past the starting point I can get before 30 minutes elapses.

9.55 miles. 19.1 miles per hour average.
15.3 km. 30.7 km per hour average (it sounds faster in metric).

That's not a bad pace, for me, and definitely faster than I can sustain for a longer ride without drafting! My back muscles were twitchy and aggravated when I was finished.

I'll try to keep it up around 16.5-17.0 mph at Steelhead on the flats. On the uphills, well, whatever it takes! Downhills, just go like hell!

Ack, I'm at 397 miles for the month, I should have done just 3 more miles to crack 400 miles per month for the first time! Two more days to do it.


tri-mama said...

good luck at Steelehead! I envy you the water temp- I think the water at my half is likely to be very warm-uggh no wet suits.

That ant bait stuff seems to be working at my house-they take the stuff back to their holes and it kills them en masse-I used Raid traps.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

3 miles? You probably already did that carting the bike in and out of the house this month. Yeah, that's it...

Good luck at Steelhead - I know you'll do well!

*jeanne* said...

Only 3 miles? You could do that BACKWARDS, with your eyes SHUT, Nance!
(But DON'T, OK?)

Have a terrific time!



Cliff said...

Love the mtetric :)..ti definitely sounds faster...

I am with you with going uphill..wahtever it takes to get to the top.

Ellie said...

Great ride!