Sunday, December 10, 2006

Now that I'm a senior citizen (almost)

In 2007 I become eligible to participate in the state-level senior games since it's the year that I turn 50. I can compete in the the Virginia State Games (May) and also the Maryland State Games (Sept), I believe, because we own property in both places. I could also perhaps go to some of the out-of-state games that allow non-residents, too.

Unfortunately I won't become eligible for the Summer National Senior Games until 2009, but they'll be held in San Francisco that year, so that's one of my long term goals out there on the distant horizon.

Unfortunately also, few of the state-level games offer triathlon. The running and swimming events are quite competitive, and I would have to work very, very hard in those to become eligible for the Nationals. But that's always possible.

2007 National Senior Games Qualifying Standards (age 50-54):

50 yard freestyle: under 34:20
100 yard freestyle: under 1:16:20
200 yard freestyle: under 2:46:10
500 yard freestyle: under 8:01:70

1500m: under 7:00
5k: under 25:08
10k: under 55:00

Fortunately for there don't seem to be any national qualifying standards in cycling nor triathlon. Also there seem to be very few female cycling competitors, so I might be able to pick up a medal at one of the state games in the 5km, 10km, or 20km time trial cycling events. Another drawback? They're all held on the same day, one right after the other. Ouch! The national games finishing times are also pretty speedy, so I'd be challenged to do well at that level. I'm aiming to go and participate and have fun.

Working on my all-around fitness this year could reap benefits in any of those events, though. Especially if I keep working on it from now until 2009! That's the long-range plan!


Fe-lady said...

Being 50 and able to participate in the Senior Olympics and qualifying for "senior citizen" discounts are two different things! At least in my state! You have to be 62 to get the %10 off some stores offer on certain days-usually Wed. mornings when us "non" senior citizens are are work! You WILL be getting AARP stuff in the mail soon tho! (American Association of Retired Persons/People) or something like that!

GeekGirl said...

Oh, envy envy envy. i can't WAIT to be a senior, for many reasons. Sounds weird, doesn't it? And, it does depend on the business or area. I want the senior games, I want the movie discounts, and I want the hotel discounts, etc. Mostly, though, I want the senior olympics. Coolness.

nancytoby said...

Sounds perfectly logical to me! I started way too late to ever make it into the "real" Olympics. But there's still hope for me at the Senior Olympics!!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Until you wrote about it -the senior olympics never crossed my mind.

21st Century Mom said...

I'm having a middle aged moment here as I'm SURE I posted a comment about how I am old enough but not fast enough for the senior Olympics.

As for AARP - they have been after me since I was 49 1/2 - bah! I rip their mail up and toss it as soon as it comes (mostly because you can get the same stuff from AAA).