Friday, December 15, 2006

Baby dolls and boots

Elisabeth will still have nothing to do with baby dolls, but Catherine is starting to have a rich imagination life. (They say this develops along with expressive language, which is why Elisabeth is behind). (And they both cling desperately to their Security Guard Tigers.)

Catherine is frequently carrying one of their dolls around now as her baby, and having me put its little hat back on all the time. Now and then she brings it to me for hugs and comforting and pats on the back when "baby is crying".

Then last night she brought me one of her red rubber rain boots and told me the boot was crying. I told her boots don't have eyes so they couldn’t cry.

I think (I'm not entirely sure I got this part right) that she indicated then that the boot was crying because it didn't have any eyes.


21st Century Mom said...

Well duh! I guess you just don't know your boots, do you?

Flo said...

Really Mom, everyone knows boots are sad cause they don't have eyes!!!

Don't you just love the things kids come up with.

Iron Pol said...

Sheeesh. The boot was probably crying because it gets walked on all the time. Mugs don't have eyes, but put some ice cold water in them and you'll have tears all over the counter.

I'll have to have B-Boy get together with your girls. Then we'll both be lost as they create all sorts of odd things.