Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bread and butter

My daughter Elisabeth, a little teensy thing who only weighs about 30 pounds, just ate half a stick of butter.

I found the empty butter dish on the kitchen counter and subsequently the remains of a stick - smeared on the living room couch, of course.

I had just made some egg bread in the bread machine (haven't used it for years, finally got it back out and cranked it up today) and I guess Elisabeth liked the warm bread and butter I gave her, except she apparently liked the butter part the best.

The bread turned out tasting great, but the crust is pretty hard and the texture is coarse (does that means it rose too fast?). I did somehow manage to stuff quite a bit down myself, despite the technical drawbacks. Like mother, like daughter.


Vickie said...

I remember as a kid my brother and sister used to eat (real) butter by the spoonful. Then when my kids were growing up, my niece did the same thing. And finally, we used to have a dog who when the kids would leave the margarine tub out (every day), would grab it off the counter and lick it clean. (It took me quite a while to figure out why there were always slick clean margarine tubs lying in corners around the house). Maybe there is some fat deficiency?? I can't imagine even one bite without it being spread on something!

mipper said...

my breadmaker does the same with bread. if i use the fast setting, it doesn't get so coarse, but it is very very dense. I have finally just gone to making the dough in the bread maker and then baking it the old fashioned way. usually i use the dough for breadsticks, stromboli or rolls.

Mojo said...

Well, maybe she's 31 pounds today after that stick of butter? :) She met her fat requirements for the day!

Iron Pol said...

Just looking for an old post and came across this. At the reception for the wedding we attended a few weeks back, the daughters of some friends kept stealing all the creamer packs and drinking them.

Definitely odd. Does that count as milk?