Saturday, December 23, 2006

Top Ten lists of the year

I always like reading the oddball collection of Top Ten lists each year. I guess it's the list-maker in me. Here' s a few to start with - I may add more as time goes on.

Top Ten Most Outrageous Comments of 2006 (by conservative commentators; there were so many they couldn't stop at ten, though).

Top Ten Stories of 2006

National Geographic Top Ten Stories of 2006

Letterman's Top Ten Archives (since 1993)

99 strangest photos of 2006 (okay, it's not 10. Bet you can't look at only 10).

Top Ten Mystery Photos of 2006

Got any more leads for me? I'd be glad to add the Top Ten Liberal Outrageous Comments, if you can point me toward them!


TriBoomer said...

Cool post, Nanacy.

Here's a link to the top 10 searches of 2006.

Stay tuned...

GeekGirl said...

I liked the photos. my favorite was Willy, the glove-stealing kitty (#28, I think.)

21st Century Mom said...

Whoa! My daughter and I just sat here and looked at all 99 of the top 10 photographs. And we STILL haven't rolled out that cookie dough yet.

Merry Christmakah!