Monday, December 25, 2006

5K time trials

Merry Christmas to everyone! Here's hoping all your wishes for Christmas came true.

This is just a workout note for my own records. I did a 5K time trial (actually 3.125 miles, 12.5 laps) on the track yesterday and another on Friday. Times were quite close: 34:47 and 34:37 for an average pace of 11:06 min/mile in those workouts.

I seem to be able to push myself to run nearly a minute per mile faster in races than I do in workouts (10:13 min/mile in the 10K I ran a month ago). I think I would still not quite be able to break a 30-minute 5K. That's an excellent project for me for 2007! Of course, every pound off is said to give a runner about an extra 2 seconds per mile in "free speed", a few free seconds that way wouldn't hurt either!

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21st Century Mom said...

Merry Christmas, Nancy!

You can do it! I did it and I hadn't even been training. I went from 38 to 29 in 2 races with 8 years between them. Goooooooooooooo Nancy!

Just don't ask me to do that any time soon because I have to get all of this sugar and fat out of my system first!