Friday, November 24, 2006

Run for Hospice 10K

Today was the annual 10K put on by my YMCA, and there are very few organized road races in the immediate area, so I feel like I really should support it each year. It was a beautiful day for it - nearly 60*F, even a little too warm for running! I ran this 10K course last year in 1:04:31, but this year I beat that by over a minute and finished in 1:03:24. Seven seconds slower than my 10K PR from last April! Soooooo close! But I'll still take a course record!

It was a scenic one-loop down a rural road into a nice waterfront neighborhood and back to the Y. It probably drew about 60 runners again this year. They gave out very cute full-color Santa shirts (bad photo at left) that I'll probably wear a lot!

Indulge me for a moment while I go over my splits:

Mile 1: Last year ~10:21, this year 9:58
Mile 2: Last year ~10:21, this year 10:07
Mile 3: Last year 10:40, this year 10:43
Mile 4: Last year 10:28, this year ~9:54
Mile 5: Last year 9:47, this year ~9:53
Mile 6: Last year 11:11, this year 11:15
Mile 6.2: Last year 1:41, this year 1:32

So I guess I started out a little faster this year. It was a small race and I was already last by the first quarter mile!! (There was a simultaneous 5K which I think attracted most of the slower-paced runners.) I stayed a little faster in the middle but finished up at about the same pace. I was eventually able to pass 5 other people during the race who slowed down while I stayed fairly steady (for the terrain). I still walked briefly at the 2 water stops in order to wet my whistle.

I even won a post-race door prize - woot, a t-shirt!!!! Yay! I won something!!

I was encouraged to run (for me) a pretty fast 10K just 3 weeks after my DNF during the run leg of Ironman Florida. That tells me that I don't think it was my run training that was so deficient as I thought - that part was probably up to the job. It was the previous two legs that wore me out!


Mojo said...

Wooo-hoo! Great way to burn off those extra pumpkin pie calories. :)

Nice job on a speedy time so soon after your Ironman. A course record to boot!

Sara said...

Nice job in taking off a minute. I have yet to get out there and run. In December. My toe is still giving me problems.

21st Century Mom said...

Awsome time! Can we see a picture of that shirt?

Vickie said...

Great job Nancy. Keep at it and I'll bet your next 10k will be faster yet. Its a hard distance to keep the pace at, but you did great.

Shelley said...

Great job Nancy, is that the shirt you got? Very cool!!

Noah Wood - A Maryland Runner said...

Hey thank you Nancy for this post, it puts an apparently small event on the internet! It sounds really cool and it seemed like a great post-Thanksgiving experience!!! I wonder if Talbot County still has the Police Run, the Rails to Trails Run, or the Easton Run like the Dickens Run, those sounded like fun! Good luck with your running and performances!