Friday, November 03, 2006

IMFL day 1 pics

The pre-race dinner on Thursday night - the incredible Adam "Mr. 140.6" is on the immediate right.

Race gear! Plenty of selection!

Ellie at the race beach

Bolder, Jenny (eventual Athena 40+ winner, and my personal race day Ironman angel!), and Comm at the pre-race banquet

The beach two days prior to the race


Wendy said...

Nancy -- best of luck to you and the rest of the TBC team! And thanks so much for keeping us posted! Go team!!!

Laurie said...

I love the updates. Thanks for taking time from your mental prep to keep us up to date on what is going on.

Say hi to Bold for me!!

I have confidence that you will rock that course tomorrow. Best of luck, I will be thinking about you and all of the other competitors.

Flatman said...

Hey, we need captions!!!!

21st Century Mom said...

OMG! Tomorrow is your big day!

Is Bold on the phone? Tell him 21CM says "Be Here Now"

GOOOOOOO........NANCY! And that goes for everyone else as well.

Mr Steve said...

I like the picture of all the shirts and such. I probably would buy one of everything....Thanks for posting them

Fe-lady said...

Thanks for photos...I think I recognize Bolderband Elle, but am clueless about the others...fill me in! Hi to all!

Iron Pol said...

Iron Pol collapses under pressure from the bar being set by Nancy (and Comm, BTW). I'm going to have to kidnap a laptop with wireless, take the camcorder for downloaded video, and somehow hook up satellite wireless for "on the road" updates.

Awesome pics.

Rainbow said...

good luck.

jeanne said...

ya think ya got enough gatorade bottles on that table?!?! I'm so jealous and so WISH i could be there to see you! This is probably the closest I'll ever get to Ironman!

Good luck to all of you. you are all heroes.

Tammy said...

I see one Bold man, and one super cute Ellie... who are those other peeps?

Hope it stays cool for you guys. I'll be checkin' in all day tomorrow. I'm so excited for you all!!!

Steve Toby said...

I recognized Ellie -- haven't met the others. It's hard to work with a new Internet connection and still get photos to work, and the Blogger software is cumbersome for inserting captions at the best of times. Nancy did a great job providing those of us who are following at a distance with some pictures.

At 1014 hours Eastern, I logged onto the tracking system and found that Nancy had completed the swim in 1:57 and a little. That didn't seem like a fast time to me but I can't find her list of goal times for each leg, so I'm just guessing. Anyway, she's out of the water and into T1 (at least). The tracking system seems to be working fairly well, since I make it just 2:14 after the start that I first got a reading.

Go Nancy!

liz said...

Yay, Nancy! I'm watching your times and I see that you are well within your okay times after T2 -- I'm so proud of you!

Run, Nancy, run!

GatorJamie said...

Awesome photos of my hometown. Those sunsets and sand dunes make me so nostalgic. Thank you for including them. :)