Saturday, November 18, 2006

My big brave girl

Our twins will be three and a half years old in another two weeks. Today Catherine did something completely new.

Elisabeth had a cold last week and Catherine took great interest in recommending "medicine" for her. In the past Catherine has fought and gagged whenever we've tried to make her take any medicine orally. She watched quite intently this week when I forced Elisabeth to take some liquid Tylenol or cough syrup amid much screaming and carrying on.

Today, though, Catherine started sniffling from contracting the same cold and had a hard time getting to sleep. Her father asked her if she wanted some medicine. Much to his surprise, she said yes.

So he brings her out into the kitchen for Mean Mommy to administer the Tylenol with decongestant and cough medicine, which tastes absolutely awful. Catherine sat down and I said "The medicine is going to taste bad, but it will help you feel better. Do you still want some?"

She nodded.

So I gave her half of the dose in her mouth in a syringe. She blinked and swallowed it and I told her there was some more. She opened her mouth and accepted it willingly, and then came in and snuggled on the couch with us until she got sleepy.

I was astounded! She's always fought like a wildcat to keep from taking it in the past.

I was so impressed and proud of her!

Then the other night when the girls were supposed to be going to sleep I came in their bedroom to try to get Elisabeth to settle down and Catherine darted out the door and ran down the hall. I looked around the house for her. She had hidden in the living room in a cubbyhole behind the couch and underneath the TV. Her giggles gave her away, though, and she knew that the gig was up when I pulled her out and she willingly marched back to bed. That's the first time that I can recall her anticipating my movements and trying to look at things from my perspective in advance.

It's so neat to see them developing new capabilities every single day. My little girl is quickly becoming all grown up right before my eyes!

The girls still don't quite have the pedaling action down yet on the tricycle, however, partly because they're small and it's really too big for them. They need a professional bike fit! But we'll do a technique session tomorrow over in the big high school parking lot and see how they do.


Vickie said...

And just think, before you know it, they'll be driving. Yikes. Two at once!

Fe-lady said...

These are the fun years...they change every day and much too quickly! And when they reach 20-they NEVER seem to grow up and out the door! Enjoy them while they are small!

Ellie said...

Amazing! She must have watched Elisabeth struggling and decided it wasn't worth all that....

Our granddaughter Gracie used to fight like that. When she was about 5, her mom got her Tylenol suppositories and told her this was a new way to take medicine, she wouldn't have to swallow it. Gracie was game. So Val gave it and Gracie's eyes opened wide. Val said, "How was that?" Gracie said, "I think next time I'll just swallow it."

Iron Pol said...

I put B-Boy on a toddler bike when we were at the LBS for some pump components. His legs are now long enough, so it's only the coordination of pedaling that is needed.

He'll be in aerobars soon enough.