Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pool time with Catherine

On Monday and again today I took Catherine over to our local YMCA pool. This is the "warm pool" where they have a nice long shallow ramp leading into the water that she can play on. We have quite a fun time there and she's starting to get accustomed to blowing into the water (instead of breathing it in). It's not much of a workout for me, but it's ever so much more fun than doing laps.

There was a woman in the water with her newly adopted 14-month-old daughter from China, who had just been in the country one week. What a cutie! The baby looked a little confused about the whole swimming thing, but was having fun too. She reminded me of my niece Beth, whom I haven't seen for 3 1/2 years and I miss.


Iron Pol said...

That sounds like an awesome pool. We have wading pools and shallow ends, but nothing ramped like that.

It makes it tough, as my pool doesn't have a wading pool and the shallowest sections are still over B-Boy's head.

That's cool that you have that available.

Fe-lady said...

As she gets used to the water, you can actually put her on a kickboard in front of you and do laps! I used to do this with my daughter- it's not a smooth workout, but it's a workout none the less!
Nice pool!